Company Fosters Renewable Energy Globally

ENDESA projects that renewable energies will represent 38.5% of its total power generation mix by 2009. Estimates include 19,535 MW of total renewable capacity in 2009, a 19 percent increase from 16,421 MW in 2004. Of this, 15,389 MW will be powered by water, 3,903 MW by wind and 243 MW by biomass and waste.

By 2009, around 40 percent of ENDESA’s production plants will not release any type of pollutant gas into the atmosphere. The company has also reduced emissions despite increasing output, with a target of 35 percent reduction in specific CO2 emissions by 2007 from 1990. ENDESA intends to develop 3,100 MW of clean energy capacity in Europe, of which 2,500 MW will be installed in Spain and Portugal and 600 MW in Italy and France. In Spain and Portugal, efforts to boost capacity to 9,289 MW (a 38% increase from 2004) entail new wind farms. The company’s specific emissions in Spain are now 27.5% lower than in 1990, and it aims to continue reducing the level of gas emission per KWh produced in order to comply with the Kyoto Protocol. ENDESA participates in several projects in Portugal (100 MW) and is developing a further 60 MW of wind farm capacity. ENDESA has 20 MW of wind farm capacity in Sardinia and has been awarded 100% of the Italian company IDAS, owner of the development rights for three wind farms in Sicily (Italy), with total installed capacity of 90.95 MW. ENDESA has earmarked about $25 million for its renewable energy development plan, nearly 30 percent of total planned investment in growth in 2005-2009.
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