Companies Claim Biomass Fuel System Cuts Energy Costs

A company in Las Vegas and a firm in Sri Lanka have agreed to market biofuel systems in both countries.

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (LK) 2001-02-06 [] Malahat Energy Corp has signed a joint venture agreement with Fentons Ltd of Colombo, to create FM Energy Corporation Ltd, which will market Malahat’s proprietary BioFuel M500 systems. The biofuel system converts biomass waste to produce a renewable fuel replacement for natural gas, providing thermal and electrical energy at a fraction of the prevailing market price. The companies claim that Malahat’s system converts agricultural waste from tea production into an environmentally friendly, onsite energy source for the tea industry in Sri Lanka. Malahat has initially targeted North America’s greenhouse industry to generate an onsite power supply at what it claims are substantially reduced energy costs.
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