Commercial Tidal Energy Project in The Netherlands Will Cost $12.4 Million

Tocardo Tidal Turbines announced it would install the largest tidal energy project in The Netherlands as well as the world’s largest commercial tidal installation in a US$12.4 million project that includes an array of five tidal turbines in the Oosterschelde barrier near the province of Zeeland.

The turbines will be operational later this year and have a total capacity of 1.2 MW, which will supply electricity to 1,000 households, according to Tocardo.

The European Regional Development Fund, the Dutch government and the province of Zeeland as part of the Operational Program for Zuid-Nederland are providing major funding for the project.

The Oosterschelde barrier, also known as the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, is the largest of the world-renowned Delta Works series of dams and storm surge barriers, designed to protect The Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea, according to a press release from Tocardo.

The company said the fast-flowing water of the Eastern Scheldt estuary makes The Netherlands location ideal for generating tidal energy.

“This project marks an important step in the development of tidal energy. Tidal technology is innovative and could grow into a significant Dutch export product,” said Tocardo Chief Executive Officer Hans van Breugel.

“With our turbines in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, we can now show the world what tidal energy is all about, namely providing a clean and reliable source of energy that could fulfil 10 to 20 percent of the world’s electricity needs.”

For this project, Tocardo is working with co-shareholder Huisman, the company that designed the turbines’ suspension structure.

Strukton has also been actively involved in the project planning from the outset and will be responsible for project management during installation. Another partner in the installation project is Mammoet, while Zeeland companies Istimewa Elektrotechniek, Van der Straaten and Hillebrand also play an important role in terms of the electro-technical installation and steel structures.

Earlier this year, the Den Oever-based company installed three linked turbines that have a total capacity of 300 kW in the Afsluitdijk, a 30 km long primary sea defense in the Netherlands.

According to Tocardo, one of its turbines in the Afsluitdijk has been providing electricity for more than six years. 

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