Colorado Plans Forum on Energy Crunch

Colorado’s role in alternative fuels, hydrogen production, and fuel cell technology are the topics for discussion at an energy forum hosted by the Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) at the Colorado State Capitol on October 19.

“Colorado’s Changing Energy Technologies” forum will be held in conjunction with the Governor’s 2005 Tech Week Oct. 17-21), featuring exhibits such as a 5kW hydrogen powered fuel cell as one of several demonstrations on emerging energy technologies. “OEMC is excited to host this energy forum highlighting the excellent efforts of groups in the private and public sector working to increase our energy options,” said Drew Bolin, OEMC director. The alternative fuels panel will focus on the role of ethanol and biodiesel to help mitigate higher prices at the pump and whether this is an opportunity to create jobs for our state. Representatives from Sterling Ethanol, BBI International, the American Lung Association’s Denver Metro Clean Cities, and Blue Sun Biodiesel will share perspectives and implications for use and production, the current gas spike, along with marketing alternative fuels and consumer awareness. A panel on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will have speakers from the Colorado Fuel Cell Center, Ft. Collins Utilities, and Xcel Energy. They will address projects involved in hydrogen production, fuel cell applications, and the benefits of this technology for Colorado.
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