Codon Devices to Sell Enzymes for Biofuels Production

Codon Devices, Inc., the Constructive Biology Company™, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Agrivida Inc. for the discovery, development and commercialization of engineered proteins for use in biofuel applications.

This agreement represents the unveiling of Codon Devices’ BioLOGIC™ Engineering Partnering Program under which partners can gain strategic access to the company’s proprietary development technologies. The BioLOGIC™ Engineering Platform combines complex design algorithms with advanced assay and protein engineering capabilities to design, discover and optimize proteins for specific applications.

Agrivida, an agricultural biotechnology company, is developing corn varieties for producing ethanol. Under the Agreement, Codon Devices will, in exchange for a royalty and performance-based payments, utilize its BioLOGIC™ Engineering Platform to develop enzymes optimized for use in Agrivida’s proprietary ethanol production technology.

Traditional methods for manufacturing ethanol make use of the corn grain only, leaving the remaining plant material, such as the corn leaves, stalks, and husks in the field. These remaining parts account for fifty percent of the total biomass yield per acre of farmland, but they cannot be economically converted into ethanol using today’s technology.

Central to Agrivida’s ethanol-optimized corn technology are engineered enzymes that are incorporated into the corn plants themselves. These enzymes will efficiently degrade the entire mass of plant material into small sugars that can then be readily converted to ethanol. The optimized enzymes that Codon Devices will develop will allow Agrivida to further optimize the degradation process throughout the entire plant resulting in significant improvements to ethanol production.
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