Codon & Agrivida Testing Protein Engineering for Biofuels

Codon Devices, Inc. and Agrivida, Inc. announced that during the first phase of the collaboration between the two companies, scientists successfully designed and engineered novel protein switches for use in the production of biofuels. The “on/off” switch can be used to activate an enzyme expressed in an inactive form.

Agrivida is developing plant traits that optimize the production of ethanol. Under the agreement, Codon Devices utilizes its BioLOGIC Engineering Platform to develop enzymes optimized for Agrivida’s biofuel production technology. The agreement provides for Codon Devices to receive performance-based payments and royalties. The collaboration’s objective is to develop and express optimized enzymes in plants that enable a controllable degradation process.

“We believe this is the first time that a protein has been regulated using a distinct thermally activated protein element,” said Brian Baynes, Ph.D., Codon Devices’ founder and President. “This work highlights the strength and creativity of these scientific teams.”

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