Clyvia to Produce Fuel Oil and Diesel from Waste

Construction of a pilot plant for the production of fuel, oil and diesel from waste materials has begun in Wegberg-Wildenrath, Germany by Clyvia Technology GmbH.

An area of 5,000 square meters at Clyvia Technology’s headquarters will be used for the combined research and production facility. In addition to the depolymerization plant for organic waste materials, two separate bulk storage tanks and areas will enable long-term serial production. An eight-meter high distilling column is at the core of the plant. “Today marks an important step for our company on the road to marketing our patented technology as a solution for waste disposal issues,” said Dr. Manfred Sappok, one of Clyvia Technology’s managing directors. Clyvia Technology expects that the construction of the 1,000 square meter warehouse for the pilot plant system will be finished in spring 2006. It is expected that the system will become operational approximately one month after construction is complete. Clyvia has developed a process for the production of fuel oil and diesel fuels, in which waste materials such as waste oil, scavenge oil and plastic are used as input materials. Taking into account all of the expenses associated with operating a system of this kind, Clyvia estimates that diesel or fuel oil could be produced in Germany for about 30 percent less than the current cost of gas at gas stations.


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