Clean Energy Stocks: How Policy Impacts Finance

After a dismal performance at the end of 2008 and into 2009, clean energy stocks faired much better moving into 2010. But the volatility is far from over. Because the cleantech industry is still so new, investors are trying to figure out how to properly value the growing list of public companies. In this podcast, we’ll look at how the sector faired financially over the last year.

Rob Wilder, founder of WilderShares and a periodic contributor, joins us to talk about the performance of the NEX and ECO indexes. He’ll break down each sector, tell us why we need to overcome our instinct to “buy at the top” and give us a bit of advice on investing in penny stocks.


Then, we’ll have a panel discussion from the Solar Power International conference on the role of Feed-in Tariffs in the U.S. We’ll explore how FITs may fit in to the U.S. policy landscape, look at the European and Asian experiences with FITs, and talk about the relationship between consistent policy and stable financial markets.

Joining us in the roundtable will be Adel el Gammal, secretary general of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association; Rick Gilliam, director of government affairs for SunEdison; John Geesman, former California energy commissioner and founder of the Green Energy War blog; and Julie Blunden, vice president of public policy and corporate communications for SunPower.

Our feed-in tariff theme song this week came from Ed Regan of the Gainesville Regional Utilities.

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