Clean Energy Secures Hydroelectric Rights

Clean Energy, a development stage company dedicated to commercializing technologies in the renewable energy industry, has secured exclusive rights to market and develop projects for a hydroelectric system within the continents of Africa and Europe. The technology was developed, proven, and patented by Universal Electric Power of Ohio. The Licensing Agreement between Clean Energy and Universal Electric Power further allows Clean Energy to market and develop its own hydroelectric projects outside of these areas including the United States on a non-exclusive basis.

Reno, Nevada – October 22, 2003 [] “The electrical generating potential in small hydroelectric projects under 20 MW is immense and underdeveloped worldwide — over 8,000 MW in Africa and Europe alone,” said Harold Jahn, president of Clean Energy. “This is enough clean power for hundreds of thousands of people without creating unwanted pollution.” Universal Electric Power maintains their patented hydroelectric turbine designs and systems can provide a low-cost retrofit to existing dam structures without the need for lengthy permitting processes experienced when building new structures. The goal is minimal environmental impact and maximum energy production from natural water flows readily available throughout our ecosystem. The marketing and project development teams of Clean Energy will be focused on the many hundreds of existing weirs and dam structures internationally that are currently either non-electricity generating structures (irrigation, flood control, and reservoirs) or in locations that can improve the overall energy generating potential from existing older dams. Clean Energy will pursue its own hydroelectric projects with various partners. The marketing and sales division will be selling complete hydroelectric projects to third party developers, utilities, and government agencies to generate additional cash flow for the corporation.
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