Clean Energy Project Gains Funding from PEDA

Franklin Fuels Cells received $408,737 from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) to further develop its research on proprietary solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology.

Franklin’s proprietary direct oxidation (DOSOFC) technology, which was initially developed by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, is unique among current SOFC development technologies in that the company’s patented process uses a copper-ceria impregnated anode. According to Governor Edward G. Rendell’s office, the grant is “…for an applied research project for ongoing development of solid oxide fuel cell technology. Within 12 months, Franklin Fuel Cells expects to have a core direct-oxidation solid oxide fuel cell technology that has been proven to be technically feasible, economically viable and ready for incorporation into pre-commercial products.” Franklin’s technology is currently so fuel-flexible, says the company, that it has been demonstrated and proven to run on virtually every commercially available liquid and gaseous fuel, as it has already demonstrated on retail pump gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol and naphtha as well as on natural gas, propane, butane and hydrogen.
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