Clean Cities Programs Get 2004 Funding

Alternative fuels and energy efficient buildings will stay on the agenda of the Colorado Governor’s Office of Energy Management and Conservation (OEMC) with 2004 grant funding. The office received six State Energy Program (SEP) Special Projects grants totaling $652,790 from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which is $222,158 more than was received for last year’s efforts.

Denver, Colorado – August 31, 2004 [] Four of the six grants promote alternative and efficient fuels under the Alternative Fuels and Clean Cities Programs. DOE will fund two Clean Cities Coalition Support projects with $20,000 each; Big Clean Trucks will receive $200,000; and Blue Sun Biodiesel will receive $224,162 to promote biodiesel to fleet cars. Rebuild Colorado will receive $130,000 to support energy efficient building design. E-Star Colorado will receive $58,628 in funding for a Codes & Standards project. All of the grant partners are required to provide matching funds for their projects. “Colorado receives many benefits from the SEP Special Projects,” said Rick Grice, OEMC director. “They promote energy-efficient buildings that potentially save thousands of dollars for taxpayers. The projects help protect Colorado’s environment, diversify our energy fuels, increase our energy security, and provide protection against rising fuel prices.” The SEP Special Projects are awarded yearly on a competitive basis to support energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed energy projects. States submit proposals in response to DOE’s solicitation identifying how specific technologies could be implemented in their region of the country. DOE selects the projects that best meet national energy goals.
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