Civil project of nuclear energy

Project basis.


Theoretical justification of the main processes making a subject of practical researches, contains in definition of model of nuclear functions. These conditions allow to model various power structures without rod weight.

Allocation and formation of migratory power weight is a basis of the offered project.




The offered project represents joint technology of processing of a nuclear and biological waste. For realization of thermal and electric processes the method of modulation of the electric charges having the various nature of manifestation is used. Various radioactive nuclides and a biological waste are taken into consideration. The actual state of nuclides is perceived as the base content of nuclear functions. The corresponding model of structure by which the main shift of phase conditions of a radioactive nuclide is determined is for this purpose established. The established pose of shift is in division of the main nuclear functions generating thermal energy and electric energy. Thus, generation of thermal processes of structure, becomes dependent on electric charges. Division and distribution of thermal backgrounds to electric fields occurs by a principle of geothermal energy. (Gradation of temperature zones) Leveling of thermal backgrounds establishes a biopower cycle on borders of distribution of the main nuclear functions. These conditions allow to support stable generation of thermal energy.


The technology of modulation of nuclear charges provides polarity change directly in structure of a separate kernel as a part of a certain nuclear module. For this purpose, the nuclear module corresponds to conditions of classification of physical, chemical, biological and genetic definitions. For example, the genetic functional structure of the module is applied to easy kernels. It is initial cold synthesis has the cycle in a certain temperature mode. This definition is the general for physical, chemical and biological processes. The composition of genetic plasma brings into future accord some nuclear functions in various thermal modes, allocating the corresponding nuclear density and phases of nuclear functions. In the biological value, the created nuclear symbolics makes the organic module of own biological cycle at the expense of variable radicals as a part of molecules. These conditions of processes of reorientation are put in initial genetic structure of nuclear symbols without temperature definitions at the expense of an elementary exchange in a nutrient medium. Influence and change of functions, in the conditions of genetic definitions depends on conditions of primary volume.  This kernel with a charge unit.  In this case, entropy of primary volume has negative value.  Thus, the subsequent increase in mass number corresponds to value of degree minus unit (m^-1).  Then, polarity of functions of a nuclear charge contains all heavy-nuclei in the structure of volume.  Scales of numerical values are determined by the principle of optical refraction.  Once you guess, balance of various density of nuclear charges in structure of total amount is distributed.

For this purpose, the numerical structure distributes conditions the content of communication of scales from the minimum number of an event to a numerical set of mass values. Thus this is in layered numerical system of own number of an event. This mathematical model of the screen of thin numerical layers consists of various polar couples excluding each in the sum of number of an event. Stable kernels of this model have some complete layers.

In case of modulation of electric charges polarization happens in the range of the maximum electric resistance. The sequence of electric resistance provides the set module for a projection of increase in current. In this case, the electromotive force corresponds to variable value of polar electric resistance of the module (the principle of operation of the passive generator of an electric current).




The project is intended for elimination of a nuclear and biological waste in the course of secondary generation of thermal and electric energy. Achievement of a goal provides net and cheap energy. The main objective of the project – to provide growing energy needs of the population.


Project specifications.


The offered project provides insignificant modernization of technical solutions of the main nuclear and thermal power plants. In this case, the technology of the project can be used directly in the first cycle of nuclear fuel.

In the conditions of the thermal stations, the offered technology, replaces process of burning of fuel with biological thermal processes.

Own specifications consist in subjects of a combination the nuclear and biological waste, the corresponding devices of control and management. The design of similar installations can be any size and a look. The category of a design of specifications depends on conditions of the environment, a place and consumption capacity.


Implementation of the project.


The offered project is intended for the relevant organization of a technical profile. Transfer of the technology, the offered project, should be carried out under the international contract of interested parties. In particular, the offered project is a private property. All materials of researches and technical solutions don’t belong to the state scientific program of financing.  

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