CIS Energy Office Awarded Grants

The CIS Energy Office has been awarded federal energy grants totaling US$490,000 on behalf of various Michigan communities and companies.

Lansing, Michigan – August 14, 2002 [] The U.S. Department of Energy grants will be allocated by the CIS Energy Office to these entities to develop alternative energy technologies, community partnerships and solar school programs. “These federal grants support a variety of programs to help Michigan better use its energy resources at the local level, whether it is installing energy efficient equipment in Detroit Public Housing locations to educating our future leaders in the classroom about solar energy,” said Noelle A. Clark, Director of Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services (CIS). “The grants are so important because they help the State of Michigan lessen its dependence on foreign oil and build partnerships with local communities to tap into environmentally friendly resources already available. These programs underscore that energy efficiency and responsible environmental stewardship can go hand in hand with a fiscally sound bottom line.” The grants include: Rebuild America (US$75,000) – The Rebuild America funding will be used to award grants to selected communities to establish local Rebuild Michigan programs. These programs will become demonstrations for other Michigan communities on the benefits of establishing and fulfilling community energy goals. The primary focus will be to reduce energy use in commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings. However, each community will determine their own needs and goals and may decide to include additional components such as developing Renewable Energy and the use of alternative transportation fuels. Power Park (US$200,000) – The Power Park grant will be awarded to DTE Energy to develop and test a hydrogen-based power park and install and operate a compressed gas hydrogen site capable of delivering approximately 500 kWh/day of environmentally friendly electricity. Starting with electricity from a combination of solar, municipal solid waste, and central station grid, the power park would produce, compress, and store hydrogen fuel for later use in a 25-75 kW fuel cell bank and 25 kW external combustion engine to generate electricity and heat for a commercial building complex. Solar Schools (US$100,000) – The Solar Schools grant will be awarded to the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA) to support a Solar Schools Demonstrations and Educational Outreach Project for 50 schools throughout the State of Michigan. DTE Energy recently awarded GLREA the SolarSchools(R) franchise and accompanying educational materials. It is a two to four week classroom based program for grades four through eight. The curriculum has been tested and certified as meeting state and federal testing standards and includes a classroom kit for demonstrating energy projects. Power Technologies (US$100,000) – The Power Technologies grant will be awarded to Coffman Electrical Equipment to install cogeneration equipment at 5 Detroit Public Housing locations. The cogeneration equipment will be either reciprocating engine systems only or a combination of both reciprocating and micro-turbine systems. Clean Cities (US$15,000) – The Clean Cities grant will be awarded to the Detroit Area Clean Cities Coalition to support the administrative work of the Detroit Area Clean Cities Program and to facilitate the deployment and utilization of alternative fueled vehicles throughout southeast Michigan. The Michigan Energy Office will contribute $5,000 to help support public education activities that promote the use of alternative fuels and alternative fueled vehicles in the greater Detroit area.
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