Ciba Specialty Chemicals Offers Stabilizer to Protect Biodiesel

Ciba Specialty Chemicals has introduced Ciba IRGASTAB BD 100, a stabilizer designed to give biodiesel fuel long-term protection against oxidative degradation through biodiesel’s lifecycle.

Biodiesel, which is derived from natural and renewable substances such as vegetable oils and animal fats, is susceptible to oxidative degradation, lowering molecular weight acids, peroxides and gums that can damage engines and fuel injection systems. Ciba IRGASTAB BD 100 protects against degradation and oxidation to help extend the storage life of biodiesel, helps maintain consistent quality fuel across varying feedstocks and manufacturing processes and allows biodiesel to meet industry standards and global specifications. To help ensure that fuel quality is maintained during storage, handling and use, specifications have been established in standards such as ASTM D6751 and European Standard DIN EN 14214. IRGASTAB BD 100 can help biodiesel meet these standards and offers extended protection to help maintain fuel quality and consistency. With IRGASTAB BD 100, Ciba Specialty Chemicals offers oxidative stability for a variety of feedstocks such as those based on rapeseed, recycled cooking oil, palm, soy and jatropha. Additional factors that can influence the stability of biodiesel include processing conditions, length of storage, temperature, exposure to air and light and presence of metals and impurities.
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