China’s Renewable Energy Industry Up Close

The latest in a series of reports that focus on China’s renewable energy industry has recently been released by China Strategies, LLC. Entries in each monthly installment of the “China Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Report,” inaugurated in January 2007, cover developments in the country’s solar, wind, biofuel, biomass, small hydroelectric and other renewable energy sectors.

The information in each report, published by China Strategies, LLC, is drawn from original Chinese language materials of Chinese companies, industry associations, central and local government agencies and non-governmental organizations. Coverage includes regular features on investment, growth, local and national laws and regulations, leading Chinese companies, industry meetings, tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences and business opportunities. April’s issue specifically focuses on Chinese business activities concerning Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydropower, Laws and Policies Governing Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in China, China’s Bio-Mass Energy and Bio-Fuels Industries, Business Opportunities in China’s Renewable Energy Industry, Construction and Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Conferences, Developments in Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation in China, and China’s Energy Consumption. Solar “China is experiencing a rapid growth in polycrystalline silicon manufacturing capacity. With the plants that are now under construction and those that are being planned, total capacity to produce polycrystalline silicon will shortly exceed 20,000 tpy. Among the new capacity is the 1.2 billion Yuan, 1500 tpy polycrystalline silicon facility that will be constructed by a subsidiary of the Dongfang (Eastern) Electrical Group in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.” Wind “In early March the first phase 400 million Yuan, 50 MW Chang Mountaintop wind power plant at the Hongsibao Development District in Wuzhong City, Ningxia Province (south of Yinchuan), was connected to the power grid and began generating electricity. Long-term plans are for the developer-the Ningxia Yinyi Wind Power Generating Co., Ltd. — to invest a total of 5.6 billion Yuan in wind power in the Hongsibao Development District.” Hydropower “On April 5-8, 2007 an eight member delegation from the China Engineering Institute’s Renewable Energy Strategy and Research Hydropower Team that conducted a research visit to the Wujiang (Wu River) Hydropower project in Guizhou Province, concluded that the Wujiang Step Hydropower Development created an harmonious relationship between man and nature and that the experience of this project should be brought to bear on other Chinese hydroelectric power projects.” The April 2007 issue of China Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Report is available below, along with the January, February and March editions. Lou Schwartz, president of China Strategies, LLC, and publisher of China Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Report, earned degrees in East Asian Studies from the University of Michigan and Harvard University where he studied Chinese language and literature, economics and law among other disciplines. Lou also earned a J.D. from George Washington University Law School. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Lou has worked on various matters involving China’s legal system, economic development, trade and investment while with a large U.S. law firm and currently as President of China Strategies, LLC. For more than 10 years Lou has taught courses at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and its College of Arts and Sciences, including Law and Development in China, Chinese for Lawyers and Chinese Legal Documents. He has lived and traveled extensively in China.
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