Chemrec Launches BioDME Project

Chemrec’s pulp mill-integrated BioDME (dimethyl ether) biorefinery demonstration plant project will break ground in September in Pitea, Sweden, with expected biofuel production by mid-2010, the company has announced.

The project will demonstrate the production of an advanced diesel fuel, DME, from forest biomass over the black liquor route and will also demonstrate the use of this fuel in heavy vehicles in commercial service.

This demonstration plant is a continuation of demonstration-scale plants designed by Chemrec to yield green fuels and green chemicals. In June, Chemrec announced that its DP-1 black liquor gasification development plant, also in Piteå, had reached 10,000 accumulated operating hours.

Swedish truck manufacturer AB Volvo, in a biofuels study, showed that the production of DME from harvest forestry woody biomass using the black liquor gasification process yields the highest miles per acre per year than biofuels produced by most other processes.

“The potential of our technology to transform pulp mills into biorefineries is good news for the paper industry, which is struggling today against foreign competitors and the overall reduction in demand for paper products,” LeBlanc said. “Biorefinery mills not only will continue to produce pulp but will have a second revenue stream — high value, renewable green fuels and green chemicals for which the demand is steadily growing.”

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