Chemrec Gasifier Reaches 10,000 Operating Hours

The Chemrec development plant in Pitea, Sweden has now reached 10,000 accumulated operating hours. Chemrec’s plant produces synthesis gas based on 100 % renewable feedstock. The syngas will be used to produce second generation green motor fuels.

The development plant, DP-1, has a capacity of 20 metric tons of solids per day, is oxygen-blown and has an operating pressure of 30 bar(g). It gasifies black liquor, a biproduct in the kraft process, using the Chemrec entrained-flow, high temperature technology.

The results achieved in DP-1 are being used in the current scale-up of the technology to full commercial size gasifier units for 500 metric tons of solids per day. The full-scale technology has in several independent evaluations been shown to provide uniquely high greenhouse gas emission reductions and energy efficiency and provide an opportunity for a very substantial second generation biofuels production.

In other news, the BioDME project, Chemrec together with partners is adding a technical demonstration plant for production of dimethyl ether, DME, to the DP-1 facility. The DME, a high performance second generation diesel fuel, will be used in fleet trials with heavy trucks by AB Volvo.

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