CHA launches online hydropower map during annual forum in Ottawa

On June 8, during its annual forum held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Canadian Hydropower Association announced the availability of an online map that depicts the country’s hydropower resources. Developed in coordination with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS), CHA said the map is a tool to explore the story of Canadian hydropower development and learn about one of Canada’s greatest resources.

According the organization, the map indicates the location of almost every Canadian hydro dam and generating station, each utility’s owner/operator, installed capacity and the transmission network to which each facility connects.

Canada is the third-largest hydropower producer in the world behind only China and Brazil. Its hydro infrastructure is nationwide and accounts for about 60% of all the electricity generated in Canada, according to CHA.

RCGS said Canada currently has an installed capacity of about 78,000 MW and has the ability to more than double that to 160,000 MW. The organization said this is “good news,” considering that both Canada and the U.S. are looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions to meet greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

“Hydropower is clean and renewable and will play a lead role in Canada’s fight against climate change,” said CHA President Jacob Irving. “We’re excited to display this map in greater detail with the help of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s world renowned cartographers.”

Irving added, map users will now be able to better review and explore Canada’s hydropower capacity through this new online platform.

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