Case Study: Wood Pellet Plant Helps Biomass Boiler Business Booming in Uk

UK: the world largest wood pellets consumer
This wood pellet plant is located in British, one of the largest wood pellets importer in the world. The wood pellet market of UK has been developed in a very short period, started in around the late 1990’s. Now, the UK government is putting efforts on the development of renewable energy. While the biomass energy is expected to contribute up to 6 GW by 2020. To realize the goal, the UK government draws up laws and provides incentives and subsidy to encourage the development of renewable energy, which booms the development of wood pellet market in UK.


Follow the trend
This is a company in UK called Mi Generation Living Energy, who is a supplier of biomass boiler equipment and also a provider of heating solution. They sign with their client a contact covering not only the equipments, but also wood pellets fuel used for boilers. By this kind of service, they help their client reduce energy bill significantly. Instead of outsourcing wood pellets from other companies (which is very expensive at approximately £300 per ton), last year Mi Generation decided to make pellets fuel by building their own factory. Fortunately, they are able to get easy access to abundant of wooden material from local timber processing factory and gardening factory as well.

raw material

The benefits

They bought 2 sets of ring die pellet mills from GEMCO, a Chinese company manufacturing pellet mill. Together with other necessary equipments, like hammer mill, dryer, cooling system and packing machine helps the client build a complete wood pellet plant with capacity of 3t/h. By building their own wood pellet plant, this company reduce their business cost and further reduce the cost at their clients’ end. Together with the biomass boiler, Mi Generation helps their clients save significant. In most cases, a return on investment of between 30%-70% is seen. Until now, they have successfully provided solutions for hotel, golf club, park, resort and corporate.


When it comes to clean energy and green business, wood pellets fuel is one of the inevitable choices for you. In other post that I write: pellet mill report, the current wood pellets market was set forth:

“The increasing demand for wood pellets in the international market booms the pellet mill markets. The EU 2020 policy which targets for renewable energy source and greenhouse gas emissions reduction drives the wood pellet market to grow dramatically. It requires that in 2020, 20% of total energy consumption shall comes from renewable energy. Looking back at the recent years, only 10 million tones pellets are produced by about 650 pellet plants in Europe in 2009. But now the current global market volume of demand for biomass pellets is about 16 million tonnes annually and is going to triple to 46 million tons annually by 2020, which means a total market value of $8 billion (€5.75 billion). Most of the near-term growth is predicted in wood fuel pellet markets worldwide.”

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