‘Cars 2’ Revs Up Alternative Fuels Message

On the Virgin America plane ride from San Francisco to Washington Dulles in January I had the pleasure of watching Pixar’s computer-animated action film sequel “Cars 2.” I knew there was some “controversy” stirred up by some conservative blog about director John Lasseter taking on Big Oil by making the fossil fuel industry the bad guy and clean alternative fuels and electric vehicles as the heroes. Apparently to the conservative blogger, “Cars 2” is another example of left-wing Hollywood propaganda meant to indoctrinate oil-loving American children into becoming Prius-loving hippies, or something like that.
So a movie that advocates conserving the planet for future generations by ending our addiction to fossil fuels and embracing alternative energy is attacked by a conservative? Isn’t a conservative supposed to conserve? As in conserving the environment and conserving fuel. Aren’t the real radicals Big Oil and their political allies who are radically altering the climate with unknown consequences by keeping us chained to carbon-based modes of transportation?
“Cars 2” is a movie with an inspiring environmental and clean energy message and I recommend it to liberals, conservatives and everyone in between. Kudos to Pixar and Lasseter for taking a stand against Big Oil.
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Josh Marks is a clean energy blogger and environmental journalist who was inspired to start blogging about climate disruption two years ago after ditching his car and choosing to live a low carbon life by walking, biking and taking public transportation in Los Angeles. Josh founded a blog called Green SoCal while living in L.A., and then Green D.C. when he moved to Washington, D.C. Both blogs focused on regional energy and environmental issues. Most recently, Josh retired his two blogs and started a new blog called Green Center, and then renamed it Green Forward. The blog examines solutions to global climate disruption, environmental conservation, renewable energy security and the transition to a sustainable economy.Visit Green Forward at http://www.greenforwardblog.com

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