Capitol Hearing Gives Ethanol, Biodiesel Boost

Chairman Sam Graves of the House Subcommittee on Rural Enterprises, Agriculture, and Technology held a hearing about the future of renewable energy. Graves held the hearing to provide facts about the progress America has made with renewable energy and the future of the industry.

Washington, DC – May 7, 2004 [] “Ethanol and biodiesel are not just the future of America’s energy supply, they are cleaner and affordable alternatives today,” Graves said. “It’s a triple play. It’s good for the environment. It’s good for consumers. And it’s good for farmers.” Graves cited America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy as evidence that a new energy policy that invests in domestic sources of energy be implemented as soon as possible. The House and Senate have passed an energy policy but have yet to work out their differences. Graves stressed that an energy policy is needed to help meet our energy needs while protecting our national security. “We can grow much of America’s energy needs in Missouri,” Graves said. “That’s why we need a national energy policy that invests more in the domestic production of energy. Breaking our dependence on foreign oil is not only a good energy policy, it is good for our national security.” Charlie Hurst is a fifth generation farmer from North West Missouri and secretary treasurer of Golden Triangle Energy Cooperative from Craig, Missouri. He testified about the economic benefits of ethanol. “The ability for farmers to impact our energy supply is a big step forward for the farming industry,” Mr. Hurst said. “The fact that we can take corn we grow in the field and turn it into energy is remarkable. It means more jobs in Missouri and greater financial and national security for America. Investing in ethanol is a way to preserve a way of life for farmers across the Midwest. I hope the government recognizes how important ethanol is to our way of life and invests more in ethanol production.” Brooks Hurst, who testified on behalf of the Missouri Soybean Association, is from Tarkio, Missouri. He testified about the benefits of biodiesel. “Biodiesel helps keep our environment and the air we breathe clean,” said Mr. Hurst. “Another major benefit of biodiesel is that it lessens the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Why should we in this nation continue importing fuel from the Middle East when farmers such as myself can grow 100 percent renewable fuel on farms right here in the USA in an environmentally beneficial way?”
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