Canadian Windfarm Sells More Output to Oil City

One of the largest renewable energy companies in Canada will sell more green power to the municipal electric utility in Calgary.

CALGARY, Alberta, CA, 2001-11-07 [] Canadian Hydro Developers Inc will sell 35,000 megawatt hours a year to ENMAX Energy, a subsidiary of the utility. The power will be generated from 20 new turbines at the Cowley Ridge North and Sinnott facilities. The five-year contract represents half the output from the 26 MW site near Pincher Creek in the southern part of Alberta. “Canadian Hydro is very eager to pursue joint marketing opportunities with ENMAX Energy for the supply of wind power,” says CEO John Keating. “ENMAX Energy is a leader in offering customers a choice to support renewable energy.” The sale marks a milestone for ENMAX, which will ensure that 100,000 MWh of wind electricity is produced for residents in the province and distributed through the Power Pool of Alberta. Financial details of the transaction were not released. Construction is complete on ten of the turbines. Interconnection with the Alberta grid was finalized last month. “As ENMAX heads into changing times, one of the things that remains constant is our commitment to Albertans to provide them with innovative products and services such as Greenmax – the first program in Canada to offer customers the opportunity to support wind power,” explains Sean Durfy. “This contract with Canadian Hydro reinforces our commitment to the development of renewable, wind-generated power.” ENMAX Energy is the unregulated retail arm of the utility. It has signed power contracts with customers across Alberta since deregulation was launched fully in January. ENMAX is a subsidiary of the City of Calgary, and provides electricity and natural gas to 400,000 customers in Alberta. Canadian Hydro develops and operates nine small hydro plants and one windfarm, as well as one gas-fired plant, for total capacity of 62 MW. The new turbines will add 26 MW of capacity and it is building another 30 MW of small hydro in British Columbia. All its wind and hydro plants are certified under the national EcoLogo™ certification program.
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