Canadian Solar Cars Leave for Australia Race

Teams from four universities in Ontario drove their solar-powered cars into one of the larger exhibitions in Canada, as one of their last public appearances before they leave to compete in the World Solar Challenge 2001 this November in Australia.

TORONTO, Ontario, CA, 2001-09-07 [] The presentation at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto was sponsored by Ontario Power Generation (formerly called Ontario Hydro). The province generates 44 percent of its electricity from nuclear, 31 percent from fossil fuels and 25 percent from hydraulic, but the 1 percent of green energy is expected to increase by 2005, say officials of the public utility. Canadian entrants to the second international solar car competition this year include Fireball from McMaster University in Hamilton, Mirage from Queen’s University in Kingston, Midnight Sun from Waterloo University and Faust from the University of Toronto. Thirty cars drove 3,700 km across the United States during the American Solar Challenge in July. The University of Waterloo placed third, while Queen’s placed fourth after making up a lot of ground after an early crash. The Mirage cost C$2 million to build, including $1 million worth of PV cells which are 20 percent efficient.
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