Canadian Pols Oppose Sale of Hydro One

Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty is challenging Ernie Eves to prove that he’s willing to listen to people by stopping the sale of Hydro One.

TORONTO, Ontario April 8, 2002[] “Ontario families want affordable, reliable electricity. They know the sale of the grid that carries electricity to their homes is a disaster for consumers,” McGuinty said. “If Ernie Eves means what he says about listening to the people, he’ll stop the sale of Hydro One, at least until the people have had their say in an election.” Standing today in front of towers and wires that form part of the Hydro One grid, McGuinty referred to a giant NOT FOR SALE sign. “I’m calling on Ernie Eves to put up or shut up: Either slap a NOT FOR SALE sign like this one on Hydro One… or drop all this nonsense about wanting to listen to people,” he said. “The Tories don’t have a mandate to go ahead with the sale of this $5 billion asset. The people have never had their say on this, not in an election, not even in public hearings. The people know that the sale of the grid is designed to reward Ernie’s corporate friends, and paper over the deficit he created. They want the sale stopped.” McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals continue to contrast their campaign on behalf of working families with Eves’ support for Tory policies that damage the services families depend on. Eves would expose consumers to higher energy bills by selling Hydro One; McGuinty opposes the sell-off. Eves supports corporate tax cuts that are so large that Ontario’s rates will be 25 percent lower than states like Alabama; McGuinty believes that money should be invested instead in things like health care. Eves wants to give private schools $500 million (US$314 million): McGuinty says that money should be invested in public education.
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