Canadian Legislative Support for RE

Energy Minister John Baird and Niagara Falls MPP Bart Maves announced further details of the government’s action plan to lower hydro bills recently. Baird said immediate and decisive action will be taken to increase the province’s supply of electricity.

Niagara Falls, Ontario – November 14, 2002 [] “While the province has a sufficient supply of electricity to meet current demand, we need more generation to keep prices at reasonable levels and to meet the long term needs of families, businesses and farmers across Ontario,” said Baird. The government’s action plan, if passed by the legislature, would in part: – Provide a comprehensive tax holiday to help create more electricity from cleaner, alternative and Renewable Energy sources, including natural gas, hydroelectric, solar and wind power; – Introduce measures to provide a property tax holiday for newly created assets that generate alternative electricity. The Ontario Waterpower industry has benefited from such a property tax holiday on new investment since 2001. To date, over CAN$200 million (US$127 million ) in new investment has been committed. – Allow a 100 percent corporate tax write-off for the cost of assets used to generate electricity from alternative and renewable sources; – Provide a sales tax rebate for building materials used to construct alternative energy facilities; – Create a corporate income tax holiday for revenues derived from the sale of new supply of electricity generated from alternative sources; – Introduce a requirement for net metering and connection arrangements between distributors, self-generators and small-scale distributed generation to help remove barriers to self-generation and small-scale generation that uses renewable technology; – Raise the threshold for the environmental approvals exemption for clean generation to 100 MW. “We must ensure that our children and grandchildren have a clean, reliable and plentiful supply of energy,” said Baird. “The actions that we are taking today will help make that happen.”


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