Canadian Hydropower Runs During Blackout

August 21,2003 [] The Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation (CREC) reported their newest generation station, the Misema Waterpower Plant, in Englehart, Ontario, continued to operate throughout last week’s massive power outage. During the blackout, CREC staff stayed at the 3 MW waterpower plant all night awaiting word to re-energize their section of the grid. The Independent Market Operator (IMO) ordered CREC to begin providing electricity at 5:05 a.m. on August 15th to support a 100 km stretch of the transmission grid along Highway 11, north of New Liskeard, Ontario. CREC’s staff ran the Misema generating station at full capacity throughout the blackout; and staff continued working around-the-clock to provide Ontario with electricity over the days following the power outage. Funded through private investment, the Misema generating station was completed in April as part of the deregulation of Ontario’s power market. Ian Baines, President of CREC called the project an example of how private investment in renewable energy can support the province’s energy needs and ensure a stable supply of clean electricity for the future.
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