Canadian Hydro Celebrates Opening of Wind Power Plants

Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. has announced the grand opening of its Cowley North and Sinnott wind plants located near Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada. The 20, 1.3 MW Nordex turbines produce enough power to supply about 8,000 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 80,000 tons per year.

CALGARY, Alberta – June 21, 2002 [] “Wind power is a zero-emission source of energy and we are excited to see these green power plants become part of the generation mix for this province,” said John Keating, CEO of Canadian Hydro. “We are proud of what is the largest installation of wind generation in western Canada, demonstrating our commitment to both the environment and economic wind power.” The two new wind plants have a capacity of 26 MW, bringing Canadian Hydro’s total wind energy capacity to 47.4 MW. Each new turbine has a tube tower that stands 46 meters (152 feet or almost the height of a 10 story office tower) tall and operates a three blade rotor with a diameter of 60 meters (197 feet or the wingspan of a 747 jumbo jet). The equipment on top of each of the 20 towers weights 75 tons and is the size of a small bus. Construction of the wind plant took 9 months to complete, with start up of several machines in time for the windy winter season in late 2001. The Cowley North and the Sinnott wind plants are both EcoLogo certified by the Environmental Choice program, a certification that not only meets the criteria of being environmentally friendly, but exceeds all applicable governmental and industrial safety and performance standards related to air emissions, global warming gases, toxic discharges, and other environmental concerns. For every megawatt-hour generated by a wind turbine instead of a power plant fueled by coal, one ton of CO2 emissions is avoided.
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