Canadian Government Supporting Ethanol

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association has praised the Canadian government for leading by example in the area of renewable fuels. Canada has announced new guidelines for federal ministers and departments when making decisions about the purchase of vehicles and fuel that include the increased use of ethanol-blended gasoline.

Ottawa, Canada – December 2, 2002 [] “Ethanol must play an important role in Canada’s energy future. The federal government has clearly recognized this and is leading by example,” said Bliss Baker, president of the CRFA. “An E-10 ethanol blend in gasoline can be used by all Canadians today as it does not require any modifications whatsoever for a car’s fuel system.” Ethanol is made from renewable resources such as corn or wheat. It is a cleaner energy source than gasoline, releasing lower greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide and smog-causing emissions, and it displaces dangerous components in gasoline, such as benzene. It also has a positive effect on vehicle performance and allows engines to burn cleaner. It extends Canada’s dwindling domestic supply of light crude petroleum used to produce transportation fuels, and reduces our dependence on imported crude oil. It increases economic development in Canada’s rural areas and creates expanded market opportunities for Canadian farmers. In its Climate Change Plan for Canada released last month, the federal government indicated it will target a 10 percent ethanol blend in 35 percent of Canada’s gas supply by 2010. While a step in the right direction, the CRFA is encouraging the government to set mandatory levels by means of regulations to reach these targets rather than through voluntary measures.
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