Canadian Company Pilots Cheaper Ethanol From Cellulose

Iogen Corp of Canada is completing a pilot ethanol plant to show how ethanol can be produced from cellulose plant fiber.

OTTAWA, Ontario (CA) 2002-01-28 [] Iogen expects to start producing 3,000 gallons a day of fuel grade ethanol this spring, using 40 tons a day of wheat straw feedstock. The process involves making sugar from cellulose plant fiber, fermenting the sugars and distilling them into ethanol. Ethanol-from-cellulose has been regarded as costly, but Iogen has developed industrial enzymes to make ethanol fuel out of agricultural residues. The pilot facility in Ottawa has been in development since 1997, with assistance from the national oil company, Petro-Canada of Calgary. Iogen has invested US$20 million to validate the technology and plans are underway to site a $60 million commercial facility to produce 50 million gallons of ethanol a year.
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