Canada Launches $500M Fund for Next-Generation Renewable Fuels

The future of renewable fuels in Canada took a big step forward recently with the launch of the NextGen Biofuels Fund. The new $500 million fund, provided by the Canadian Government, will be managed by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

“This fund will aim to take advantage of the abundance of suitable biomass materials available in Canada by funding large-scale demonstration facilities and encouraging the growth and retention of home-grown technologies and expertise in Canada,” said SDTC Chairman James M. Stanford.

Next-generation renewable fuels are derived from non-traditional renewable feedstocks, such as fast-growing grasses, agricultural residues and forest biomass, and produced through the use of non-conventional conversion technologies.

“Producing the large-scale volumes of NextGen biofuels that are needed to gain market traction will provide superior environmental benefits and alternate sources of revenue for those in the agriculture, forestry and waste management sectors,” said Vicky J. Sharpe, President and CEO, SDTC. “In addition, next-generation biofuels are made from cellulose, rather than edible starch.”

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