Canada Is Ready to Demonstrate the Power of Its Geothermal Resource

Drilling for initial production and injection wells will begin next month for a geothermal energy demonstration project in southern Saskatchewan. Once built, the facility will be the first geothermal power plant in Canada.

The Government of Saskatchewan has provided $175,000 to DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. for project development work over the next two years.

“The Government of Saskatchewan’s funding for the DEEP geothermal power generation project…supports our climate change strategy to explore additional energy efficiency and innovative technologies to achieve emission reduction targets,” Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Tina Beaudry-Mellor said in a statement.

According to the Government of Saskatchewan, the geothermal aquifer in the project region may support the generation of up to 500 MW of power. A power purchase agreement with SaskPower allows for an initial project to be developed that is expected to deliver 5 MW to the provincial grid. 

DEEP will analyze the wells over 90 days to determine the project’s economic feasibility. Construction of the above-ground infrastructure would occur later this year.

“It is very exciting to launch Canada’s first geothermal power facility right here in Saskatchewan, a province known for its vast resources,” DEEP CEO Kirsten Marcia said. “With geothermal power being the only renewable option providing a baseload power supply (95 percent availability), it’s a very attractive addition to our provincial grid.”

Lead image credit: Wtshymanski | CC BY-SA 4.0 | Wikimedia Commons

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