Calpine to Increase Geothermal Production at The Geysers

Earlier this week the City of Santa Rosa, California, and Calpine Corp. received City Council approval to expand The Geysers Recharge Project — the world’s largest recycled water-to-electricity program. The new expansion will advance Calpine’s recently announced program to increase renewable geothermal energy production at The Geysers.

Initially, Calpine will inject into The Geysers resource an additional 1.62 million gallons per day of recycled water from Santa Rosa to increase its geothermal energy production by up to 11 megawatts (MW).

For the City of Santa Rosa, the expansion will provide an environmentally and economically preferred alternative for the City’s recycled water discharge and is expected to provide nearly $200 million of cost savings for the City’s wastewater system.

The Geysers Recharge Project entered operation in 2003 and currently transports 11 million gallons per day of recycled water to Calpine’s Geysers geothermal operations. After arriving at The Geysers the recycled water is injected between 1.5 to 2 miles deep into the geothermal resource where naturally occurring hot rock heats the water into steam to fuel Calpine’s geothermal power plants.

To date, the recycled water injection has increased geothermal energy production by up to 85 MW and has allowed the City of Santa Rosa to dispose of more than 15 billion gallons of recycled water.

City of Santa Rosa Mayor Bob Blanchard stated, “This is another win-win for Calpine, for the City and our ratepayers. How can we get any more environmentally sustainable than to reuse our treated wastewater to help create electricity? We are very pleased to once again partner with Calpine in this unique venture.”

The announcement is part of Calpine’s five-year, $200 million green power program designed to increase electricity production at The Geysers geothermal resource.

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