Call for More Renewable Energy Heard in Wales

To meet its targets on climate change, the chairman of the Welsh National Assembly Sustainable Energy Group, Mick Bates, proposes that the Labour Assembly Government invest in all renewable energy technologies.

In a debate on the Labour Assembly Government’s energy planning policy, Bates said, “We have at our disposal a wide range of technologies that produce clean, reliable, renewable energy. We can generate energy from water, wind, wood and sun. However, the Government is only concentrating on wind. If we are to meet our targets of 10 percent renewable energy by 2010 and a reduction of carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020, we must invest in all forms of green energy production.” Bates has led the clean-energy campaign for Wales to develop a world-leading renewable energy industry, using all energy sources to power future economic development: “Producing renewable energy can be of real benefit to Wales. Not only is it clean, it creates wealth. Energy crops for example, provide farmers with new markets to expand into. In England grants are made available for farmers seeking to go down this path. However, in Wales, no such grants exist. If we are to be a truly sustainable nation then we need to encourage this kind of energy production.” Bates also called on the Labour Assembly Government to promote local energy production that would benefit local communities: “Energy produced in the community is both secure and avoids the emissions that can be generated by long-distance distribution. It should also be up to each individual community to decide what forms of energy they would like to produce, and what forms of energy are most beneficial to their environment.”
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