California Solar Initiative Update; Social Merchant Banking in the Developing World

As the California Solar Initiative approaches its 15-month anniversary, many changes have been made to speed up the adoption of photovoltaics in the state. Before the program began, some people were worried about flaws in the design of the rebate calculator, utility rate structures, and a cumbersome application process. We’ll talk with Sue Kateley of the California Solar Energy Industries Association about how those issues have been addressed.

Also, Dr. Russell deLucia, Founder and President of the Small Scale Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF), talks about the role of the social merchant bank model in building a clean energy infrastructure in developing countries.

Lastly, Solar Nation Executive Campaigner Chris Stimpson comments on the political debate over a gas tax holiday in the U.S. The issue has sparked even more questions about our politicians’ commitment to renewable energy.

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