California Racquet Club Going PV

Sun Power and Geothermal Energy and its client, the Mt. Tam Racquet Club in Larkspur, California, have announced plans to kick off construction of one of the largest private solar power installations on the West Coast.

SAN RAFAEL, California – April 19, 2002 [] The solar installation will use photovoltaic (PV) arrays to transform sunlight into electricity and reduce the Racquet Club’s dependence on the electric power grid. Sun Power and Geothermal Energy is an integrated energy solutions pioneer that looks at a whole facility for energy efficiencies, focusing on solar as a clean power source. Sun Power’s US$1.35 million building-integrated installation for the 51,000 sq. ft. Mt. Tam Racquet Club will provide a 150 kW solar PV system, large enough to cover most of the club’s electrical needs. The system will cut the club’s current annual electric bill from US$60,000 to US$5,000 or less using solar energy. Sun Power and Geothermal Energy will mount the PV panels directly to the roof of the Mt. Tam Racquet Club, which faces south and has a 14-degree slope, perfect for orienting them. The large roof has expansion joints in it and Sun Power engineered special floating connectivity systems to match the expansion joints. Thanks in part to new technology made available in the past two to three years, solar energy has morphed into a viable energy alternative. Sun Power uses proprietary in-house systems to design and build solar power systems, and also provides turnkey services for both business and residential users. The 150 kW per hour system will convert sunlight directly into 290,000 kilowatt/hours per year of electricity for the racquet club. The system will produce enough electricity during a peak summer month to supply 50 average homes. Mt. Tam Racquet Club’s system will automatically send the extra electricity it generates during sunny months to the public utility grid, which can use it on those hot summer days when the energy demand for air conditioning is high.
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