California Implements 2006 Renewable Energy Investment Plan

The California Energy Commission (CEC) adopted the 2006 Renewable Energy Investment Plan on February 1, 2006. The Plan, required by the Reliable Electric Service Investments Act (RESIA), is to increase the quantity of California’s electricity generated by in-state renewable energy resources, while protecting system reliability, fostering diversity and obtaining the greatest environmental benefits to California.

In addition, the investment plan is to identify and support emerging renewable energy technologies that have the greatest near-term commercial promise and merit targeted assistance. The 2006 Investment Plan recommends allocations of public-good funds for the following items: — Production incentives for new renewable energy — Rebates and incentives for emerging renewable technologies — Customer education — Incentives for reducing fuel costs for solid fuel biomass facilities — Incentives for solar thermal electric facilities under specified conditions The Plan recommends that the CEC’s existing authority to reallocate funds among elements of the Renewable Energy Program be enhanced to provide flexibility to transfer funds out of the New Renewable Facilities Program element or into the Existing Renewable Facilities Program element. The CEC needs legislative authority to implement the allocations recommended in the 2006 Investment Plan and to continue its Renewable Energy Program.
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