California Company to Build Waste-to-Energy Plant in UK

Earth Tech, a business unit of Tyco International Ltd., has been selected to provide design and construction services to a new Renewable Energy plant in Grimsby, England.

LONG BEACH, California 2002-04-01 [] The project, valued at more than US$26.4 million, should be completed by April 2004. The Grimsby plant, which will be about 130 miles north of London, will convert 56,000 tons of waste each year into electricity. Energy-from-Waste (EFW, or Waste-to-Energy in the U.S.) plants provide a waste management option that combines the benefits of producing electricity from a constantly renewable source with reducing the dependence on landfills. There are more than 300 EFW plants in Europe that collectively convert 33 million tons of waste per year into electricity. “This contract combines Earth Tech’s expertise in environmental, engineering and construction services within the waste and energy fields,” said Diane C. Creel, president of Earth Tech. “Having recently completed a similar contract in Lancashire, England, Earth Tech is committed to the construction of Renewable Energy plants around the world. Waste-to-energy is an effective method of waste management and has proven to be a safe and economical alternative in producing clean energy.” Founded in 1970, Earth Tech is an international provider of global water management, transportation, engineering and environmental services


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