California Company Claims “Revolution” in Distributed Energy

A California company, Environmental Developers Inc., claims to have developed the most technically advanced system to obtain pure methane gas from bio wastes such as sewage, manure, garbage and whey products.

STOCKTON, California, US, 2001-10-22 [] The system strips pure methane gas to provide a renewable energy resource and the company’s chief executive, Herman Miller, says it has received patents for the process. When combined with the company’s new ‘Vacuum Retort Anaerobic Digestion’ (VRADO) system, it provides “the most technically advanced waste to energy process the industry has ever thought or dreamed about.” “Ecologically and environmentally pure, with zero emissions, the process produces drinking quality water while generating and collecting pure methane and bottled carbon dioxide for sale and distribution, along with the production of a pasteurized fertiliser product and a detergent by-product,” he explains. When converted to electrical power, the methane component produces five times the power requirement of system operation and connects to the grid through a reliable and economical interconnection system, he adds. The waste to energy system claims to have an installed cost that is less than one half that of conventional systems, while needing only one-fortieth the tank capacity and using only 15 percent of the space. If wastes contain volatile suspended biosolid to liquid ratios between 0.005 and 5 percent (the latter is sludge), the system will separate, dry and purify methane to pipeline quality. It can turn wastewater to pure potable water, remove hydrogen sulfide from waste stream, be enclosed with no environmental emissions, separate and clean carbon dioxide for sale or use, and reduce or eliminate the need for chemical additives. It can also self-power its own operation and produce saleable energy.
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