California BioEnergy Association Formed

California’s biobased industries are uniting under the banner of a BioEnergy Producers Association intended to advance the development and commercialization of sustainable, environmentally preferable industries that produce power, fuels, and chemicals from agricultural, forestry, and urban sources of biomass and plastic wastes.

The organization will serve as a unified voice for California’s biobased industries to inform and advise policymakers on the broad-based environmental and economic benefits of bioenergy and bioproducts, including reductions in petroleum dependency, greenhouse gas emissions, air toxics and the practice of landfilling. “The introduction of biobased industries will enhance the State’s agricultural base, air and water quality, forest health and wildfire protection, and economic development,” said the organization’s Chairman, James Stewart. Former State Senator David Roberti is President of the new association. Roberti, who served for 27 years as the President pro Tempore of the California Legislature, was also a member of the California Integrated Waste Management Board from 1998 to 2002. Roberti was the chief Senate negotiator for AB939 the governing legislation for solid waste management in California. He authored, among other pieces of environmental legislation, laws reducing the generation of hazardous waste in California and setting deadlines for their implementation. The association’s Vice President is Kay Martin, who recently retired as the Director of the Ventura County Environmental and Energy Resources Department, which implements the County’s AB939 programs, and also has lead responsibility for advancing the County’s comprehensive bioenergy platform. Martin is a leading proponent for the commercialization of conversion technologies and new product markets for biomass fractions of the municipal waste stream, including renewable energy, transportation fuels and industrial chemicals “One of the major goals of the BioEnergy Producers Association will be to promote the development of a comprehensive bioenergy policy for the State of California,” Roberti said. “We want the state to establish a policy that prioritizes biobased industry growth, and furthers national biomass research and development policy objectives for energy security, pollution abatement, and rural economic development.” “Our goal is to educate the public about the environmental and economic benefits of biobased industries, and pursue broad-based coalitions to promote their introduction throughout the state,” Roberti concluded.


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