California Biodiesel Plant Ramps Up Production

August 3, 2004 [] American Biofuels (ABF) announced that its Bakersfield Biodiesel Plant’s production and sales have increased by 60% per calendar quarter since plant start-up November 2003. With the demand for high-grade biodiesel expanding and soybean oil feedstock prices starting to decline, ABF is gearing up for full production (i.e. 5 million gallons per year) at the California facility by early 2005. At 5 million gallons per year, ABF maximizes its potential share of the Federal Government’s USDA $150 million per year bioenergy incentive program. ABF’s plan is to achieve 35 million gallons per year by 2007. As the 5 million gallon production volume is reached and as ABF’s customer base continues to expand, plans for the second phase of expansion for the Bakersfield Plant from 5 million to 10 million gallons per year will be activated. This 10 million gallon production volume will move ABF closer to its planned build out volume of the Bakersfield Plant of 35 million gallons per year.
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