BusinessWay, Pourslo Merge

BusinessWay International Corporation will form a new power corporation subsidiary that will acquire the rights, new contracts, power plant technology, and present key personnel of Pourslo International Development Inc.

MONTREAL, Canada – May 29, 2002 [] The Board of Directors of BusinessWay and Pourslo have approved the transaction, which is subject to the execution of a definitive agreement and any regulatory approvals. Both companies intend to close the transaction by the end of May 2002. “We are very excited about this business opportunity and we are convinced that the experience and the know how of Pourslo will bring tremendous value to our shareholders,” said Fabrice Zambito, Chairman of BusinessWay. “With an estimated 14,000 MW of annual worldwide installed electric power plants generation capacity, biomass power is the largest source of non-hydro Renewable Energy in the world. This multi-billion dollar industry is growing exponentially and we are extremely pleased to be able to partner with an internationally respected company like Pourslo.” “Our approach and process serves two purpose, one is our clean burn projects actually create less than 3 percent ash as compared to 30 percent generated by some others in the industry” said Simo Lakmiri, President of Pourslo. “The ash generated by our process is so environmentally friendly that we resell the ash as a plant fertilizer.” “The landfill gases have negative effects on the ozone. Our clean burn process is good for the environment as it captures all the methane gases that would normally be expelled into the atmosphere and converts these harmful ozone destroying gases into the environmentally friendly carbon monoxide which is known to be 20 times better for the environment than methane,” Lakmiri continued.
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