Bush Calls on Congress to Support Global Cleantech Fund

President George W. Bush called on Congress to support a international clean energy fund to bring renewable energy technology to those in the developing world. He made his remarks at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference in Washington DC.

“There ought to be an international fund, a clean technology fund from the wealthy nations to help poorer nations clean up their environments. I call on our Congress to commit $2 billion to the fund,” Bush said. “And if people are truly interested in solving the problem, if you’re interested in expanding alternative energy, then we need to come together to eliminate tariffs and other trade barriers to enable clean technologies to move duty-free around the world.“

Bush also highlighted the wind energy industry in his home state of Texas, the 2007 energy bill that will increase the production and use of renewable fuels and the increasing amount of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles on the road in the U.S. as proof that America is moving toward energy independence. Concerns about corn based ethanol were addressed as well and Bush said that he supports and is working to fund research into next generation biofuels.

To read a transcript of President Bush’s entire address click here.

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