Bright Future for Biofuels in Missouri

Missouri Senator Kit Bond met members of the media and agricultural organizations to celebrate the energy bill passed by the U.S. Senate on July 31. Bond met at the Missouri Farm Bureau Headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri to boast about the “great news for Missouri farmers and our entire rural economy.”

Jefferson City, Missouri – August 20, 2003 [] Members from the Missouri Farm Bureau Association, National Corn Growers Association, and staff from the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition and the National Biodiesel Board attended the press conference. Bond said that if the new energy bill were signed into law it would create about 300,000 new jobs. The Senate Version of the energy legislation will next go to a conference committee where members of both the House and Senate will work together to reconcile the differences between the two versions of the legislation. “The future looks bright for renewable fuels and for those who produce them,” said Bond. “This will also help decrease our dependency on crude oil from hostile nations.” Following the press conference, Senator Bond and others traveled to the nearby Jefferson City Conoco station to fuel up a 2004 Suburban with E85. “This sticker should not say ‘Stop, this is not gasoline’, it should say ‘Go, this is E85’,” Bond joked while fueling. The NEVC applauded the efforts of Senator Bond for helping with the passage of the energy bill and cited his continuing leadership in the advancement of domestic-renewable fuels.
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