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– Annual output of new energy in China’s eastern Shandong Province stands at five billion yuan (US$600 million), and the provincial Economic & Trade Commission says there are 200 new energy enterprises employing 23,000 workers in solar, geothermal, wind, tidal and bio-energy. The Baishakou Tidal Power Station is the first in China; the Rongcheng windfarm is the first of its kind along China’s coastal area. There are more than 50 solar energy firms producing residential solar water heaters, large solar heat collecting equipment, solar energy greenhouses and solar cookers. – Renewable energy officials will meet in Pomona, California, in late November for a national summit on future development of solar, geothermal, wind and biomass energy on public land. Interior secretary Gale Norton and energy secretary Spencer Abraham will host the November 29 summit at the Los Angeles County Fairplex. Norton says the idea for a summit came from a recommendation by vice president Dick Cheney in his National Energy Policy report, that federal agencies re-evaluate the potential for energy development on federal property. – Montgomery Asset Management, LLC of San Francisco has introduced its ‘New Power Fund’ as part of a series of alternative investment funds. The NPF invests in U.S. and foreign ‘new power’ stocks in companies focused on alternative energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind and biomass. – The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association says the federal government will make a “significant announcement in support of renewable fuels within weeks.” Approval for a number of programs and a series of announcements related to biofuels are expected, including enhancements to the National Biomass Ethanol Program and an extension of the ethanol tax credit. CRFA predicts that program money may be made available to potential ethanol producers. – A farmer who fought to construct the first large private geothermal plant in New Zealand, only to see it sold against his wishes, wants to build a new A$80 million plant on his family farm. Alistair McLachlan has filed applications for the plant to be sited on his land, west of Taupo. It would be 1.5 km from the Poihipi plant he developed in the mid-1990s in a joint venture, but which was later sold to the utility, Contact Energy. McLachlan says the new plant would be a 45 MW facility, drawing 10,500 tonnes of geothermal steam from New Zealand’s geothermal field at Waikakei. There is controversy about land subsidence because of geothermal draw-off but McLachlan says a key feature of his development would be full re-injection of all geothermal fluids. The proposed plant would guarantee supply to Taupo township, including a Fletcher pulp mill, he claims. – A U.S. manufacturer of earth energy heat pumps is trying to re-register as a public company. Demarco Energy Systems of America Inc. has been told by the Securities & Exchange Commission that there are no further comments in its filing. DeMarco holds a patent for connecting geothermal heat pumps to the municipal water mains, private water systems or reclaim water systems. Officials claim the system can provide space heating, cooling and water heating for US$0.10 per square foot per year.
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