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– The Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Trading (GERT) pilot program in Canada has completed reviews of two landfill gas recovery projects contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions. In the first project, reductions were purchased from a new investment in burner modifications at a wallboard plant in British Columbia, which could provide up to 45,000 tonnes of emission reductions per year. In the second, methane emission reductions were sold as a result of an upgrade to the LFG collection and flaring system at the main municipal solid waste landfill for Victoria. – Maxim Power has finalized financing with ORS Organic Waste Recycling Stade GmbH, which currently is building Germany’s largest combined biomass gasification, composting and power generation project near Hamburg. The installed capacity will initially be 1.4 MW and will generate 11 million kWh annually. Project revenues will be derived from tipping fees for the biowaste, power sales and organic compost sales. All power generated will be sold under a 20 year fixed price contract to the local utility at US$0.08 per kilowatt hour, under the revised German Green Energy Law. – The president of the Japanese Federation of Electricity Companies, Hiroji Ota, says nuclear energy will be the most important energy source at some point in the 21st century. He told the World Energy Council meeting in Buenos Aires that there should be cooperation between the public and private sectors in “a mission to arrange affairs that interest the public and attain more efficiency at the same time.”


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