Breakthrough Burns Biodiesel Better

September 4, 2003 [] In order to optimize the use of biodiesel in Germany, the research institute FAL in cooperation with Volkswagen completed the development of a fuel-sensor, which can differentiate biodiesel from conventional diesel in the tank and decides engine timing according to the respective fuel blend. The application of a fuel-sensor assures that the use of biodiesel is reaching an optimum in terms of emission reduction and fuel efficiency. This new development is viewed as a breakthrough for biodiesel’s future on the fuel market. The cultivation of rapeseed oil for the production of biodiesel also benefits agriculture. The production of raw materials for biodiesel has meant that the acreage in Germany for renewable raw products has increased within five years from approximately 500,000 hectares to approximately 840,000 hectares. This development points to the large potential for renewable raw materials that aid environmental and climatic protection, and are in addition an important alternative to foodstuff production for farmers.
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