BP and DuPont Partner to Develop New Biofuels

BP and DuPont announce their partnership to develop, produce and market a next generation of biofuels to help meet increasing global demand for renewable transport fuels. The two companies, which have worked together since 2003 to develop advanced biofuels with properties that help overcome the limitations of existing biofuels, are accelerating the move toward renewable transportation fuels to lower overall greenhouse gas emissions.

The first product to market will be biobutanol, which will be introduced in 2007 as a gasoline bio-component in the UK, where BP and DuPont are working with British Sugar to convert the country’s first ethanol fermentation facility. This next generation of biofuels will help deliver on these targets, the release states. Biobutanol’s low vapor pressure and its tolerance to water contamination in gasoline blends facilitate its use in existing gasoline supply and distribution channels. It has the potential to be blended into gasoline at larger concentrations than existing biofuels without the need to retrofit vehicles and it offers better fuel economy than gasoline-ethanol blends, thereby improving a car’s fuel efficiency and mileage. “DuPont firmly believes that biology will help us reduce global reliance on fossil fuels,” said DuPont Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charles O. Holliday, Jr. “Biobutanol is just the beginning of new solutions DuPont can offer to transform global economies by improving our use of renewable ingredients and natural processes to deliver products for a better, safer, healthier world.” Both companies plan to address increased market penetration, which involves compatibility with existing fuel supply and distribution systems, the ability to blend in higher concentrations without requiring vehicle modifications, and fuel economy.
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