Bourne Energy Develops “Ultra Portable” Power Plant

Bourne Energy has completed an “ultra-portable” power plant for the military.

The unit, which weighs less than 25 pounds, uses the currents of small rivers and streams to generate power in remote areas and can be packed and transported in a large backpack. The new unit can produce up to 600 watts, enough to power lights, refrigerators, computers and communications for homes, schools and medical clinics, Bourne said.

The Backpack Power Plant-Type 2 can be set up and dismantled quickly and can be moved daily. What’s more, the stealthy unit can be mounted to the riverbed to avoid detection, Bourne said.

“This unit must be able to be carried into remote areas where the size, depth and current speed of a river is virtually unknown,” the company said.

The unit can be transported by Humvee, mule, man or even air-dropped into rugged, remote areas and quickly set up in small steady or seasonal rivers and streams, the company said. 

The new unit represents a new and improved version of the company’s original Backpack Power Plant hydrokinetic system, which weighs 30 pounds and can generate up to 500 watts. (From

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