Borrego Solar Helps Pan Ocean Aquarium Become Solar-Powered

A wholesale distributor of tropical and marine fish in Northern California, Pan Ocean Aquarium, has installed a 73.4-kilowatt (kW) roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) system to provide electrical power to its 15,000 square foot facility, using the services of Borrego Solar, Inc.

“Since aquariums need to run 24/7, our electrical bill was between $3,500-4,000 per month. Solar is a great way to generate our own electricity, and we figure it will pay for itself in a short time,” said Karen Seah, Purchasing Manager of Pan Ocean. Pan Ocean’s warehouse in Hayward houses over 2,500 tanks, and they have one of the largest selections of imported and domestic Koi. They also carry corals, live rock, rats, mice and over 70 different lines of aquarium supply dry goods. The solar installation will allow the Seah family to save approximately $22,000 annually in PG&E electric bills. To ensure the solar setup would work given the age and condition of the building’s roof, Borrego Solar brought in a structural engineer to approve the design, and installed Sunlink LLC’s Monolink system to distribute the system weight evenly, placing the point loads directly over the building’s major support members. Twelve SMA Sunny Boy 6000-watt inverters and 432 Sharp modules were used in the project.
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