Bordeaux, France, Plans $46M Geothermal Heating Facility

The city of Bordeaux, France, is planning to build a geothermal heating network to serve several of its neighborhoods.

French utility ENGIE won the contract to build the network through a competitive bidding process. According to ENGIE, its subsidiaries ENGIE Cofely and Storengy submitted the bid together. The concession was awarded for a 30-year period.

ENGIE said that Bordeaux Metropole Council has decided to explore a new geological horizon with the aim of finding a deeper and hotter resource – the first time this has happened in France, outside the Paris region, in 30 years.

The natural heat of deep aquifers will meet 82 percent of the neighborhoods’ heating needs, with the rest being supplied by natural gas, ENGIE said, adding that work on the heating network will begin once all the administrative permissions have been obtained. Drilling of the two geothermal boreholes, comprising a production well and a reinjection well, will start in early 2019 and last for four months.

According to ENGIE, the city will invest 43 million euros (US$46 million) in the heating project.

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